– Alexandra Jules
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The Lemon-Lime Ring

The Lemon-Lime Ring

The perfect compliment of stones come together in this illustrious  'Lemon-Lime Ring' from Alexandra Jules.  

A stunning cushion-cut yellow diamond is paired with an equally impressive richly saturated, vibrant green cushion-cut emerald.  Handsomely set in a modern, bold bezel setting, these two stones radiate sunshine from within.

The 18kt gold band is accented on the shank with baguette cut collection diamonds.  

This beautiful ring composition radiates more than just physical beauty; the yellow diamond represents cheerfulness, love and devotion while the emerald embodies unity, compassion and unconditional love.   Joined together, this 'Lemon-Lime' ring is the epitome of love and unity.  

Gift on a landmark anniversary or birthday or as a modern engagement ring, this Lemon-Lime ring will become a treasured family heirloom.  

Available in 18kt yellow, white and pink gold. 

This is a custom piece and price is available upon request and dependent on carat weight of the gems.  Please contact us for information.  

* As breathtakingly beautiful as they are, emeralds are a little more finicky to care for than other precious gemstones like diamonds or rubies.
Please see our Jewelry Care page for more information on how to keep your emeralds enchanting.